15 Reasons Why Menopause Symptoms Suck Arse!

Unfortunately, there is no escaping it… Menopause is a normal condition that all women go through… and it sucks. People assume it is quick but the perimenopause can occur over an 8-10 year period (Excuse the pun). Menopause forces a woman’s body through a massive hormonal change which hasn’t been seen since puberty and it can be a rough ride. Heres what to expect and what you can do about it.

Hot Flushes

Obviously hot flushes are one of the menopause symptoms that everyone recognises, but you may not know that they can be different for every woman. Some even experience them for decades, starting in perimenopause. Caused by a drop in Oestrogen levels, which affects the gland that regulates body temperature, hot flushes can happen during the day or at night or both. They can be mild, lasting seconds, or severe and stick around for a half hour or longer.

How To Treat Menopause Hot Flushes:

If your hot flushes are unmanageable then the most effective treatment is hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which usually completely gets rid of them. Your doctor can talk to you about the benefits and risks of using HRT. Alternatively vitamin E supplements, some antidepressants, and a drug called Gabapentin, which is usually used to treat seizures can be recommended by your GP.

Menopause symptoms sore breasts

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