Menopause is an entity that seems wonderfully enticing from a distance. It promises freedom from your monthly visits from aunts flo and a monopoly on all the decisions in your life without having to factor in painful cramps and stains. You can wear anything, do anything without having to structure it around your periods and their basket of effects. Oh! How refreshing!

Well, you do get rid of your periods in menopause. That much is true. However, the light basket of life symptoms turns into a trekkers backpack as you add menopause symptoms to the ever increasing weight on your already spreading waist. Nobody warns you about those pesky arseholes. Menopause symptoms sneak in out of left field and score a try, with you as the ball being smashed to the ground under hot flushes, insomnia, night sweats, irritability, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and a whole lot more.

Why are we never told of these growing up, you wonder. And how are you going to deal with them if you have no idea how many of these bastards are making home in your body as we speak. This is where your messiah arrives in the guise of some of the most fantastic bloggers writing some fantastic blogs on menopause and providing support by introducing you to numerous ways of understanding, dealing and relieving yourself of menopause symptoms. Here we have compiled a list of the top menopause blog sites to help your drive through menopause as smooth as possible.

Menopause Mondays by Ellen Dolgen :

Menopause Mondays by Ellen Dolgen

I unfortunately often meet women who are experiencing symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, heart palpitations, insomnia, and other such lovely blessings of the change, and are still clueless about what is happening to them. They think that the cause is some mysterious virus that is going around, or worse, that is all in their heads. Wrong!

Educating women about menopause and menopause symptoms is a cause Ellen Dolgen holds very dear to her heart. It has been a decade of Ellen helping women all over the world in their time of need as they sail the unpredictable waters of menopause symptoms.

The reason Menopause Mondays makes such a great impression on it’s readers and keeps them coming back for more is that Ellen draws from her own experiences and her extensive research with experts at the helm, which makes her blog feel deeply personal to her readers and ignites a feeling of confidence because of the pain she takes to ensure the validity of the information and advice she provides her readers. The blog also offers parameters that helps you understand which menopause healthcare provider might be compatible with your needs and which tests might help you understand the transformation your body might be going through better. Menopause monday provides you with simple explanations of the menopause symptoms you might be going through and the treatment plans you could go for according to your needs.

Menopause Goddess by Lynette Sheppard :

Menopause Goddess by Lynette Sheppard - Blog on Menopause

The single most important remedy for getting through the Menopause transition is the support of other like-afflicted women. That’s why I created Menopause Goddess Blog  offering humor, heart and health for the menopause journey. Women sharing wisdom that’s the difference between surviving and thriving. Lynette Sheppard, RN

Our lives our marked with certain phases that change us into a more evolved version of ourselves. Although we come out of these phases stronger for having been through them, it can be a scary and confusing time while going through the dark tunnel.

Lynette Sheppard is that friend you’ve been waiting for, and her menopause goddess blog is that support group that throws a line to any women drowning in an ocean of menopause symptoms. On her blog we sit surrounded with companionship, and as we explore it’s articles we encounter stories, hers as well as of those who have come before us and waded successfully through similar experiences, thus giving us the strength and perspective to go out and live our best menopausal lives. Her blog is a collective memoir of numerous women’s journey through menopause. Built on the foundation of wit, wisdom and some of the best pieces of advice on making menopause symptoms your bitch, Menopause goddess is a community you will feel right at home in.

Menopausal Mother by Marcia Kester Doyle :

Age is just a number; your REAL age is defined by what you feel in your heart.

– Marcia Kester Doyle

Menopausal Mother by Marcia Kester Doyle

The only way to survive is to have a sense of humour. these words by Bob Newhart seem to come to life as you explore Marcia Doyle’s take on menopause symptoms. Marcia effortlessly manages to rank Menopausal mothers in the top menopause blogs by sharing every aspect of menopause, the good and the bad. What sets her apart, is the sharp humour and wit she uses to make her writing relatable to anybody who comes across her blog and get them laughing at the misery of menopause symptoms.

Menopausal mothers is often ranked as one of the top menopause blog sites as it takes a deeply informative and humorous take on menopause symptoms. She refuses to succumb, or let you give in to the hopelessness you might feel after reading about menopause symptoms. Instead she inspires in you a confidence to look menopause straight in the face and laugh it off it’s high horse. Marcia has managed to build a community and a safe space that you can explore, gain information and then ridicule the changes your body is going through that would leave you with a stitch in your side. Seriously, go check out her facebook page to taste a nip of this laugh fest.

Red Hot Mamas – Karen Giblin :

Red Hot Mamas by Karen Giblin

Together we’re better

Karen Giblin, the creator of Red Hot Mamas went through a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy. Having experienced first hand the changes your body goes through and the confusion, embarrassment and frustration that comes as a side dish to the 10 course meal of menopause symptoms, Karen decided to shed light on the path to help navigate it better for all the women who are destined to go through the inevitable journey of menopause.

Red Hot Mamas is an informational hub on everything menopause. They have an archive of all menopause symptoms, their definitions, research conducted and treatments available to minimise their influence on your body. The education programs conceived by them is implemented in over 200 hospitals. There is almost nothing this site can’t answer. Experts on menopause symptoms and doctors form the team at Red Hot Mamas. Not only do they have a page called menopause A-Z, but they also have different sections for men and women to understand this phase from their unique perspectives.

Friend for a ride by Barbara Younger :

Join me for the ride as I blog about menopause, other women’s issues, and midlife. With humor and creativity we can make these challenging years both upbeat and adventuresome. 

Barbara Younger

Barbara Younger has been in your seat, looking for information on the alien that had seized control of her body and it’s bodily functions, and had been sorely disappointed at the lack of information she encountered. Her reaction to menopause and the uncertainty that comes with it, might make you shake your head in familiarity. Barbara wanted to know the experiences of women around her who had experienced menopause symptoms, so as to understand her own journey better.

While she might have encountered woefully inadequate information, her blog ‘Friend for a ride’, provides an explanation about everything menopause symptoms related and then some. She also explores other aspects of a woman’s life that makes for a wholesome blog.

Barbara wanted to document her encounter and journey by writing a blog on menopause because she found that once a person passed that phase and were on to the next their recollection might become hazy and there exists a tendency to look back at history to be a great deal better or worse than it actually was. Committing it to words while it is happening helps maintain a bit of objectivity and provides a road map for further generations to gain some solace while traveling on the same path.

There are a number of blogs on menopause and about individual menopause symptoms. What makes these the top menopause blog sites is the amount of research put in by the creators and their genuine desire to help you understand menopause and the various ways to gain relief from menopause symptoms. So while menopause blogs are a dime a dozen, these blogs will help you make your home in the wisdom, wit, humour and stories they share, that sets them apart. Each of these blogs about menopause helps build a community for you to find shelter in when menopause symptoms are words that govern your life.