Magnet therapy has been making the rounds of the medical world for centuries. The ancient Greeks had a piece of the magnetic cake too to cure various ailments. The magnet therapy has never found a solid footing in medicine, but it resurfaces every few years as a trend and wriggles its way into our lives, making our wallets considerably lighter.

Magnets are recommended to relieve a number of ailments, of which menopause symptoms are the newest additions. The question remains, do these magnets actually help ease menopause symptoms or are they merely playing with our love of a good placebo effect? Let’s dig a little deeper.

What is A ladycare menopause magnet?

The ladycare menopause magnet is a small magnetic device meant to be placed in the front region of your underwear. Ladycare lifetime defines it as an alternative treatment for Hormone replacement therapy, and proclaims it to be natural, drug free, and highly effective to cure or reduce a number of menopause symptoms.

The medical evidence to support this claim is highly lacking.

How does The ladycare magnet work?

Lady care, a well established UK company, is the leading force in the “cure menopause symptoms by using magnets field, exclusively making Lady care products like the Lady care plus magnets. Their website claims that the magnet manages to reduce your menopause symptoms by rebalancing your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).“What is ANS?, you might wonder. Well, ANS is basically the part of your nervous system that works independently and involuntarily. Your breathing and your heart beating, are some examples of the function that autonomic nervous system take care of. It is divided into two main parts called the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The sympathetic system preps your body for activity by making your heart beat faster and opening up your airways. On the other hand, the parasympathetic system aims your body for rest by leading you to relax. The lady care website claims that during menopause, these two parts of the ANS get unbalanced which causes hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia and various other menopause symptoms. Stress is also one of the major factors contributing to the escalation of menopause symptoms. The ladycare menopause magnet asserts that it can help manage stress, thus reducing your menopause symptoms.

How To Wear A Ladycare Magnet?

The ladycare menopause magnet comes in 2 parts. The larger part resembling an egg and a round button. The egg shaped piece is supposed to be placed inside your underwear with the curved side coming into contact with your skin. The button should be placed on the outside portion of your underwear so as to keep the magnet in place.

Is It Uncomfortable?

Not particularly. You might even forget you’re wearing it until you visit the washroom. It is important to make sure that your underwear doesn’t flip, and that the magnets are in place. This is usually a possibility if you’re wearing thin lacy underwear.

Does The ladycare menopause magnet actually provide relief?

The lack of scientific evidence makes a case for itself. There have been testamonials from people about the use of magnets for menopause symptoms but no concrete evidence has yet been found. Since menopause symptoms are caused by a number of different factors, it is hard to buy into the concept that a magnet can provide relief from these symptoms. The most obvious aspect of using a ladycare menopause magnet for menopause symptoms is that if they indeed worked, doctors all over the world would be recommending them like they do for evening primrose oil for menopausal women, the market for them would be wider and more prominent. Magnets are used in the medical world in the form of huge devices like MRI machines. If these failed to make a dent in any menopause symptoms, what chance does a tiny magnet in your knickers have?

What are The Ladycare menopause magnet’s claimed benefits?

Ladycare menopause magnets claim that their product Ladycare Plus is beneficial in treating a number of menopause symptoms including hot flushes, insomnia, skin problems, fatigue, dry vagina, discomfort during sex, itchiness, stress, mood changes,

loss of sex drive, weight gain, hair loss, bloating, digestive problems, irregular periods, sore muscles, bladder infections, memory loss, and breast tenderness. However these claims are not supported by any medical evidence.

How to find out if your Ladycare menopause magnet is working?

The Ladycare magnet organisation suggests that you should keep the magnet on for 24 hours a day for at least 3 months to discern for sure if it is working for you or not. The magnet should be used during all phases of menopause, namey perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause. If you feel like the magnet is not working for you, the company claims that it might be because you’re experiencing high levels of stress.

In such circumstances you should pause the therapy for 21 days, get your stress levels under control, and then getting the therapy going again.The fact remains that getting your stress levels down using meditation and various other techniques can help with your menopause symptoms even in the absence of the ladycare menopause magnet. So it is almost impossible to know for sure if the positive changes you experience are due to committing to a healthier lifestyle or because of the magnet in your underwear.

What Are The Ladycare Menopause Magnet’s Side Effects ?

It is suggested that a Ladycare menopause magnet can possibly interfere with medical devices such as insulin pumps and pacemakers. So it is of paramount importance to make sure that you consult a doctor before using the magnet if you have such medical conditions. Other than this a few people have experienced problems with the device, although no concrete side effects have been reported.A Ladycare menopause magnet can cause a small red spot to appear on the place where your skin comes in contact with the magnet, but that might just be because of the pressure that it exerts. Having a magnet can also cause disruptions with any sensitive electronic devices around you. The cooling fan in your laptop might malfunction causing your laptop to overheat.