Throughout history, Pomegranates have been revered as a symbol of life, vitality, health, and sexuality. They have been used in alternative medicine for centuries and all across the globe. In this modern day and age, the benefits of such a popular health aid can be tested by medical and scientific research. Whereas some health treatments fail to live up to their promise during these tests, Pomegranate has excelled. Its well-known reputation as a natural aphrodisiac has been proven. Its use in treating skin health and beauty has gained its wide popularity in the beauty industry. Studies have even found that this fruit can help to combat Cancer and prevent cardiovascular diseases. All these wonderful health benefits and more have led to Pomegranate being deemed a superfood. The round, purple and red fruit has experienced a boom in popularity. It is not too hard nowadays to find Pomegranate juices and supplements being sold on your high street. Drinking Pomegranate juice is not just a fashion craze though! It can genuinely provide you with a host of health benefits that few other foods offer.

Skin Health

Pomegranate has some fantastic benefits for skin health. This superfood is a favourite of the beauty and cosmetics industry. Its beneficial properties for skin health and beauty have led to it being included in many cosmetic products. In many forms of skin care and toiletries, Pomegranate can be found. Whilst you can find many products containing this powerful fruit to put on your skin, you can gain benefits from eating the fruit itself. Supplements of Pomegranate are being sold as beauty aids, as well as health aids. Looking after your skin with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients is a smart idea for many reasons.

Healthy skin does not only help you to achieve an attractive appearance. It also looks after the health of your whole body. Your skin is an organ that protects you against infection, regulates your temperature, and performs many other essential functions. So looking after your skin isn’t only a good idea for beauty, it is also a good idea for your wellbeing. Pomegranate is one super food that could help you to maintain healthy functioning skin throughout life. Pomegranate is a concentrated source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to help promote healthy skin and teeth. This important vitamin also helps to tackle wrinkles and similar signs of ageing. A diet high in Vitamin C has been linked to more youthful looking skin, so Pomegranate offers some natural anti-ageing properties. It can protect your skin from damaging sunlight, which can help to prevent Skin Cancer and premature signs of ageing. Without an adequate supply of Vitamin C in your diet, you are at risk of experiencing tooth decay and re-opening of healed wounds and scars. It is estimated that just one small glass of Pomegranate juice can offer women over 40 per cent of their daily Vitamin C needs. For men, it can provide 30 per cent of their recommended daily intake. Vitamin E is very important for skin health. Like Vitamin C, it can help protect your skin from some damage. It is even more effective at this job than Vitamin C, and it effectively stops dangerous free radicals from damaging skin. Free radicals are bad substances that come from our environment and can damage our cellular DNA. They have been linked to Cancer and other health conditions. However, you can help to stop them causing damage to your health, thanks to Vitamin E. Many vitamins and minerals are able to fight free radicals, and Pomegranate offers a lot of these. Vitamin E is also able to help manage and fight inflammation and promote proper healing of wounds.

One glass of Pomegranate juice offers you nearly 20 per cent of your daily Vitamin E requirements. You can receive about 10 to 15 per cent of your daily Zinc needs with Pomegranate juice. Zinc is essential for proper wound healing. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that can keep your skin safe and healthy. It is able to actively control and manage the growth of cells that develop to become mature skin tissue. This means that Zinc maintains a youthful appearance for your skin. One final important component of Pomegranate that benefits skin is Copper. Copper is essential for the production of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that colours your skin, eyes and hair. This means that copper can help to normalise and regulate skin colour. If you have trouble with pigmentation because of the health condition, or if your skin has some discolouration to it, then Copper could help manage this problem. Like the vitamins that Pomegranate contains, Copper offers some natural sun protection. It helps to produce collagen for your skin as well, which makes it firmer and stronger. Considering all the important nutrients Pomegranate contains, it is not surprising why it is being favoured by the beauty industry!

This natural beauty aid offers you important vitamins and minerals that will help you to look after and protect your skin throughout life. You can find creams, lotions and gels that contain Pomegranate, all to apply topically on your skin. These pre-made products will offer many benefits and may be a good investment. However, for some many cosmetic products contain too many unnatural and chemical ingredients for their liking, and may be too expensive. If this is the case, you can try applying Pomegranate seed oil directly onto your skin. This is a more affordable and pure option, although it should be done carefully and with safe oil. Otherwise, don’t forget how effective supplements or fresh fruit can be. In the end, you can absorb all these skin healthy nutrients through the digestive process. Eating or drinking Pomegranate is a good way to ensure you get a concentrated supply of these vitamins and minerals for skin health. With just one glass of Pomegranate juice, you could be effectively protecting your skin health.

Sexual Health

It is hard to talk about Pomegranate without mentioning its reputation as a natural aphrodisiac. Throughout history, Pomegranate has been revered as a symbol of fertility and sexuality. In traditional and alternative forms of medicine, it is used to encourage successful conception, proper erectile function, and a healthy libido. According to modern research, Pomegranate is actually highly beneficial for these uses. Scientific and medical studies are supporting the historic reputation of this superfood as an aphrodisiac. In fact, Pomegranate has been found to be a natural libido enhancer. Both men and women can benefit from the properties of Pomegranate. In an important study, it was noted that Pomegranate could enhance testosterone production and increase sexual desire. In the study over 50 men and women of different ages were given Pomegranate juice to drink for a fortnight. Compared to the beginning of the experiment, at the end of the fortnight, the participants had all experienced a significant increase in sexual desire and a rise in sex hormone production. The hormone testosterone was produced more easily when the drink was taken. Testosterone is important for women as well as men. In men, testosterone is linked with sexual desire, facial hair growth and a deep voice. For women, it also increases sexual desire but also strengthens muscles and bones. A notable side effect of increased testosterone production is enhanced mood and memory. A good added bonus! All these benefits combine to make this superfood a powerful natural aphrodisiac.

Heart Health

For those who wish to look after cardiovascular health naturally, Pomegranate offers some hope. This superfood is able to help control blood cholesterol, keeping it healthy and stable. According to one Israeli study, drinking the juice of this fruit daily could help to reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Essentially this means that a glass of Pomegranate juice a day could keep the doctor away! If you are at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases or conditions, then you may want to consider the benefits of this fruit. It has been found that Pomegranate can help to reduce levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood. High levels of LDL and high cholesterol levels, in general, is linked to an increased risk of heart attacks, Diabetes, Obesity and other health conditions. Pomegranate can help to protect you from these conditions by preventing LDL cholesterol from building up in your blood. This contributed to better management and prevention of Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a condition characterised by cholesterol as plaque on artery walls. This can make the arteries inflexible and thinner, leading to high blood pressure and other problems. This benefit of Pomegranate has led to more research being conducted on its link to heart health. It may potentially help to control blood sugar levels too when taken sensibly. It is a food that releases sugars slowly so that the body has a source of energy for a while afterwards. This slow release of sugars prevents insulin spikes and fatigue as well and may help Diabetic people when included in a balanced diet. These are just some of the known benefits and areas of interest for this superfood, and it is thought that more users are soon to be discovered.