One of the most beneficial nutrients known to man is possibly Vitamin E. This powerhouse of a vitamin has an almost endless list of health benefits, and is the constant subject of scientific study. Known to be able to tackle poor cardiovascular health, different types of Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and a range of skin conditions, Vitamin E certainly has its uses. This essential nutrient could make a notable difference to your health and wellbeing.

Cardiovascular Health

Your heart keeps you alive. If anything goes wrong with your blood circulation or your heart function, it can have potentially fatal consequences. So what can you do to protect your cardiovascular system? Regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and herbal aids or supplements can all help. But one nutrient you may want to pay particular attention to is Vitamin E.

As an anti-oxidant Vitamin E is able to protect many areas of your body. Oxidative stress can build up and lead to chronic conditions such as Cancer. But one aspect of your health very much at threat of oxidative stress is your cardiovascular health. This makes Vitamin E important when it comes to the health of your heart and blood system.

If you have concerns about blood clots, then Vitamin E could be just the nutrient you are looking for. This powerful vitamin is known to have useful blood thinning properties. In people prone to blood clots this is an important benefit. When blood platelets clump together it can create blockages, like a blood clot.

Blood clots can block up the blood vessels and cause significant damage to your cardiovascular. In some cases, it can even be fatal. When blood clots prevent proper blood flow, organs can fail. This can include your heart. Blood clots are known potential causes of heart attacks and strokes. By getting Vitamin E regularly in your diet, you can ensure that blood clumping risk is lowered.


It is thought that Vitamin E may be a breakthrough nutrient for preventing and treating Bladder Cancer. In fact, eating a lot of Vitamin E rich foods could even reduce your risk of developing Bladder Cancer by as much as 50 per cent. This finding was discovered recently and has made Vitamin E a popular subject of clinical trials and scientific research.

With potent anti-oxidant properties, Vitamin E can tackle the causes of Cancer on a molecular level. Free radical damage can cause oxidative stress to cells and DNA in the body, making Cancer a high risk. Vitamin E can prevent and tackle this oxidative stress, essentially lowering your risk of developing a range of different Cancers.

Every year in the UK alone about 10,000 people are diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. This is a huge number, and makes Bladder Cancer one of the most common forms of this serious condition. Men, particularly older men, have an especially high risk of developing this form of Cancer. In fact, men are over 4 times more likely to develop Bladder Cancer than women. It is thought that this is because of different lifestyle factors, such as working environments and smoking or drinking habits.

It is noted that this form of Cancer becomes more of a risk as you get older. When you pass the age of 60, it becomes a much higher risk to your wellbeing. Bladder Cancer can be noticed by blood in the urine, which is usually painless. Patients with Bladder Cancer experience a need to urinate frequently, and often experience a kind of burning sensation when they do urinate.  More advanced Bladder Cancer can cause pain in bones and the pelvis.

In one large study amongst Bladder Cancer patients in the US, it was found that those with the lowest risk of Bladder Cancer had the most Vitamin E in their diet. Clearly there is a very strong connection between this nutrient and prevention of Cancer. Even better, the study found that even a small amount of Vitamin E could dramatically cut down your risk of Bladder Cancer. Just one serving of Vitamin E rich foods a day, like spinach or almonds, could offer you huge health benefits

Whilst it is always best to get most of your Vitamin E from your diet, this study found that supplements offered benefits as well. People who ate a lot of Vitamin E rich foods whilst also taking supplements received a 44 per cent reduction in their risk of developing Bladder Cancer. If you know that you are at risk of Bladder Cancer specifically, then it is worth investing in a supplement. It could make a huge amount of difference to your wellbeing.

Although there is much less research and evidence in this area, it is known that Vitamin E can potentially prevent the development of Prostate Cancer. Prostate Cancer affects only men, but is one of the most common forms of Cancer. The prostate is a gland found under the bladder. Prostate Cancer causes the prostate to become enlarged. This can greatly inhibit sexual function and urination, and can cause pain.

However Vitamin E is known to be able to cause Prostate Cancer cells to self-destruct. It manages this without damaging any healthy cells as well! By interrupting the synthesis of important messenger cells in the cancerous cells, Vitamin E ensures that they go through a process known as apoptosis. This is essentially when cancerous cells destroy themselves.

Whilst this is an incredible benefit for this mighty Vitamin, it is worth noting that Vitamin E supplements don’t help to prevent Prostate Cancer. This is because of the type of Vitamin E that supplements contain. The type of Vitamin E components you need are known as Alpha tocopherol, gamma, and delta E fractions.

This may sound a bit technical, so all you need to know is that these different fractions of Vitamin E are naturally found in food. So if you have concerns about Prostate Cancer and want to use Vitamin E to prevent it, then make sure you turn to food sources of this vitamin rather than supplements.

Skin Health

If you ever hear about Vitamin E in your day to day life, it is likely about the benefits this nutrient offers to skin health. You may not realise it, but you probably have some cosmetics or skin care products which contain this valuable vitamin. From facial moisturiser to sun cream, Vitamin E is a favourite of the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Able to encourage the healing of scars and blemishes, Vitamin E oil is highly popular in therapeutic cosmetics. It aids the restoration of healthy skin cells, which means that it can be used to treat Acne, winkles, and scars. Since this vitamin speeds up the rate at which cells regenerate, it can actually keep you looking youthful. This anti-ageing benefit has made Vitamin E very popular amongst beauticians! Generally this nutrient is very nourishing to the skin and helps the epidermis skin layer to retain moisture, preventing dryness.

Acting as a natural sun cream, Vitamin E can protect the integrity and strength of your skin in strong sunlight. Known as the “lightning rod” of skin cells, Vitamin E can allow reactive molecules to contact your skin cells without actually causing damage. What this means is that Vitamin E can prevent harmful UV rays from actually damaging your skin cells.

In several studies Vitamin E has proven itself a potent protector of skin cells health. When applied topically to the skin in the form of ointments, lotions or creams, Vitamin E can act as a natural sun cream. This means that Vitamin E can prevent the development of Skin Cancer, and other forms of skin cell damage. Vitamin E obtained from your diet can go directly to the cell membranes of your skin for maximum benefit.


If you are looking to boost your Vitamin E intake with a nutritious diet, then you need to stock up on leafy greens. These vegetables are nutrition powerhouses full of essential vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. Virtually calorie and fat free yet rich in fibre, leafy greens should be an essential part of any nutrient dense diet. If you are looking to up your intake of Vitamin E in the healthiest way possible, then leafy greens are your best bet.

Mustard greens, with their warm flavour, are at the top of the list for Vitamin E content. Cook them as sides to a roast meal, or mix them with stews. Spinach is also an excellent option, as it is full of other nutrients such as Potassium, Iron, Vitamin K and Vitamin A. This super food is sure to enhance many meals, including pasta, pizza, soups, and fresh salads. Spinach can be cooked from frozen without losing too much of its nutritional benefits. Other leafy green vegetables to consider include Swiss chard, kale, and collard greens. These all contain a significant amount of Vitamin, and can be included in a varied diet to benefit your wellbeing.

If you are a fan of exotic fruit, then you will be pleased to know that tropical fruits are packed full of Vitamin E. Papaya and kiwi fruit are particularly packed with this essential nutrient, so consider looking out for these colourful fruits next time you are grocery shopping. If you like nuts, then Almond nuts contain a signifivant amount of Vitamin E and make for a great hunger busting snack.

Other foods to consider include red peppers, broccoli, vegetable and olive oils, and wheat. When picking out Vitamin E rich foods, it is always best to go for fresh and raw versions where possible. Raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables contain more nutrients. It is a good idea to ensure you eat one raw or fresh Vitamin E rich food a day.  If you want Vitamin E to protect your wellness naturally and effectively, look to a nutritious diet.