If you want to achieve optimal health and wellness, then you need to include Omega-3 in your diet. Without this essential fatty acid, your body will not be able to develop and function at its best. This healthy fat has become more and more popular as scientific and medical studies come to understand its many benefits. It is now known to be important for protecting and maintaining several different aspects of health. For example, it is essential for healthy brain development in children, it can help to prevent heart disease, it aids the health of joints, and can keep your skin looking full and youthful. Omega-3 is becoming popular in supplements and health foods, so making sure you get the fat you need is easier than ever! Omega-3 is essential for developing children. Mothers who consume an adequate supply of this healthy fat throughout pregnancy have healthier and smarter children. The Omega-3 ensures that the nervous system and eyes develop properly in the child. It can also help to prevent and control behavioural problems like ADHD. Children can benefit from the Omega-3 their mother consumes, because they may receive some of it from breast milk. For adults, Omega-3 is known to be able to help you to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Regularly consuming this healthy fat can result in lowered blood pressure and triglyceride levels, stronger arteries and less arterial plaque build-up. Overall, it can significantly reduce your risk of death from heart disease. This essential fatty acid is also able to help control and reduce the symptoms of Arthritis such as stiffness and pain. Over time, Arthritis patients on an Omega-3 supplement like Fish Oil show a notable decrease in symptoms like morning stiffness and inflammation. Other known benefits that Omega-3 offers is the possible prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, improved skin and eye health and function, and maintenance of a healthy weight.