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Tools From NHS Choices Direct To You For Your Convenience

We strive to make sure that our customers have the most up to date information available and we are proud to have been approved to syndicate content from NHS Choices

The information available below comes direct from NHS Choices and Eureka do not filter it in any way.

We accept that sometimes it may provide information that recommends that you do not purchase our types of products but hey… We’d rather you had as much information as possible and could make an informed decision than regret any purchase in the future. 🙂

(Eureka Supplements Limited are in no way associated or affiliated with the NHS and we do not hold any health records on any customer)

There is so much information pumped out in the media and a lot of the time it is purely written in a sensationalist and unfair way. NHS Choices makes sure that they investigate and give an official opinion on a wide variety of reported health issues and now you can find all that information here on Eureka Supplements !

At Eureka, we want to be sure that all our customers have professional and up to date advice on treatment of any health conditions that they might have. We believe that our customers deserve to be able to learn about conditions in an unbiased way… even if it means we lose sales! NHS Choices have a great resource of information for over 800 health conditions which we are proud to make easily available to you.

Whilst you probably would just use Google to find your local GP’s details, we like to be comprehensive 🙂 Search for all NHS services here with this handy tool from NHS Choices.

Get advice, tips and tools to help you make educated decisions about your health and wellbeing with the NHS Live Well Information. All information is pulled directly from NHS Choices, meaning it is always up to date.

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